SW Saga edition campaign centering around the exploits of a handful of unlikely soldiers who will change the course of history for thousands…

- Meet time is every Thursday at 8pm PST

- We’ll try to wait for at least 30 minutes but if you’re not online by then or have failed to let anyone know you’ll be late; it is assumed that you will surrender your character to the GM for the session (who will act in the best accordance of the team).

- Adventure logs are going up as quick as I can make them.

- Any materials posted to the wiki page is considered public access or something you personally have already learned in your time. I’m sure lots of it will be utterly useless and irrelevant, but there should be a few gems in the story that could help significantly.


It is a time of great galactic strife; the seeds of rebellion have already begun to fester amongst a galaxy that is still reeling from the aftermath of the clone wars. For almost two decades the Empire has stood fast as the galaxy’s protectors from terror and fear; but even now the whispers of Galactic Civil War are beginning to take shape and it’s up to the Imperial regime to strike back against the darkness.

But even in times of great doubt and conflict; a soldier of fortune must always stick to the code for even in the absolute worst of times, these founding rules may be the only things you can rely upon.

  • You need not accept every contract, but once you do so you are honor bound to see it through till its absolute completion.
  • You are only ever as strong as the soldier next to you; so choose your partners wisely.
  • Always, always, always remember that everybody pays, one way or another.

Welcome to the Crimson Steel gentlebeings; this galaxy is ready to implode upon itself and we may be the first and only line of defense against all out war. The question you need to ask yourself, is that if you should find yourself a mere moment away from oblivion; will you pull us back from the brink, or will you push us into the vicious unknown?

Crimson Steel Ltd

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