• Arand Immer

    Arand Immer

    Former Stormtrooper gone independant
  • Drex Thral

    Drex Thral

    Human merc
  • Exton Pierce

    Exton Pierce

    A human ex stormtrooper who is looking to make money so he can destroy all corruption in the galaxy.
  • Jarael


  • Kaz Luckstar

    Kaz Luckstar

    Ex Heavy Stom Trooper turned merc
  • Romo Zayuz

    Romo Zayuz

    If it's broken, he'll fix it... if it needs to be broken, he can do that, too.
  • "Dicer"


    If you need transport, whether in or out of anything from a hurricane to a sky of AA fire; Dicer is the guy you want
  • J. Cabot

    J. Cabot

    Your handler and broker, Cabot may be one of the only people in the galaxy who hasn't tried to screw you over at some point or another...