If you need transport, whether in or out of anything from a hurricane to a sky of AA fire; Dicer is the guy you want


You know “Dicer” by no other name… Although you’ve often heard people call him a variety of slang terms that are never repeated in polite company. Known in your circles as one of the best pilots in the business, “Dicer” came closest to holding a steady job as a stunt pilot working for a variety of daredevil performers. While he certainly excelled at the harrowing dives and the gut wrenching turns, “Dicer” never liked the idea of conformity and would often improvise; a tendency that led to several accidents.

Several mercenaries you know (yourself included) owe their lives to the daredevil exploits of this pilot. As long as you were willing to pay his rates (and they were never cheap), he’d fly through any storm or anti-air system and pull you out without batting an eye. He charges extra for delivering supplies or doing a medical evacuation through AA fire, but if ever there was someone who you could rely on to make it through the worse flying conditions possible; it’d be “Dicer”.

Perhaps what also makes “Dicer” a more unique and colorful character amongst a backdrop of cynical gun-toting maniacs is the fact that he’s yet to have killed anyone. Despite the company he keeps and the men and women who often hire him to fly into or out of dangerous battlefields; “Dicer” doesn’t even carry a blaster on his person.

Arrogant, reckless, and dangerously close to being mentally insane; “Dicer” is a friend of Cabot and someone who you can always count on to fly anything he can get his hands on.


Crimson Steel Ltd JSpiegel