J. Cabot

Your handler and broker, Cabot may be one of the only people in the galaxy who hasn't tried to screw you over at some point or another...


Not a lot of people know what Cabot’s story is. From what you’ve heard and learned over the years of working through him, it’s no secret that he used to be a soldier of fortune himself. There are stories of how held down an entire battalion of battle droids from crushing a weak republic flank, while others describe him shooting a man on his command for not having a clean uniform.

But say what the universe may about Cabot; he’s never done you wrong. You’ve worked with a variety of commanding officers over the years; from shady brokers who took a little too much off the top, to elitist officers who didn’t think the lives of your squad were worth the expense of reliable intel, but Cabot’s yet to betray your trust.

It’s hard to find a good broker in this galaxy, but through a lifetime of honorable dealings and living by the code; Cabot has become a trusted man by many organizations and mercenaries alike. Organizations know that Cabot can get them what they need to finish a job properly without trying to skimp on the talent or supplies, and mercenaries know they’ll get paid so long as the job doesn’t go out the airlock.

The last few operations you’ve had with him have worked out well with both of you closing tidy sums of credits that would make an honest working stiff question their place in the universe. Two days ago, you got a message from him about how the big leagues have called and that there’s a job that’s willing to pay top credits for a milk run of a job…

J. Cabot

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