Exton Pierce

A human ex stormtrooper who is looking to make money so he can destroy all corruption in the galaxy.


Scoundrel 1/Soldier 5/Assassin 1

Level 7

Working on Dex & Con for boosts at level 4. Then Dex & Int from then on.

Str 12 +1

Dex 15 +2

Con 14 +2

Int 14 +2

Wis 10 +0

Cha 10 +0

Speed 6 Squares

Human Bonus Trained Skill

Human Bonus Feat


Reflex 10 +7(level/armour) +2 (dex) +2 (scoundrel) +4 (Assassin) = 25

Fortitude 10 +7 (level) +2 (con) +2 (soldier) +0 (equip) +2 (Assassin) = 23

Will 10 +7 (level) +0 (wis) +1 (Scoundrel) = 18

Hit Points 89

Base Attack +6

Pistol +6 +2 (Dex) = +8 (+9 Point blank)

Heavy Pistol Energy Damage = 3D8 +3 (Hlf chr lvl)

Heavy Pistol Stun Damage = 2d6 + 3 (Hlf chr lvl)

Disruptor Pistol Damage = 3D6 +3 (Hlf chr lvl) Damage Threshold of Target -5

Rifle +6 +2 (dex) +1 (W Focus) = +9 (+10 Point Blank)

DLT-20A Rifle Damage 3d12 +3 (Hlf chr lvl) +2 (W Spec) Damage Threshold of Target -5, DR of Target -5

Languages: Basic

Trained Class Skills (Trained in 4 + Int Mod + 1 Human)

Str Untrained = +3 (Hlf Char Level) +1 (Str)= 4

Dex Untrained = +3 (Hlf Char Level) +2 (Dex)= 5

Trained Skills +3 (Hlf Char Level) +2 (Dex) +5 (Trained) = 10

Stealth 15 with poncho

Con Untrained = +3 (Hlf Char Level) +2 (Con)= 5

Int Untrained = +3 (Hlf Char Level) +2 (Int)= 5

Trained Skills +3 (Hlf Char Level) +2 (Int) +5 (Trained) = 10

Knowledge (Technology)
Computer Use

Wis Untrained = +3 (Hlf Char Level) +0 (Wis)= 3

Trained Skills +3 (Hlf Char Level) +0 (Wis) +5 (Trained) = 8

Perception = 10

Cha Untrained = +3 (Hlf Char Level) +0 (Cha)= 3

Force Points 6 + 3 (Half Class level)


Point Blank Shot +1 attack and damage at point blank range)

Weapon Proficiency (Pistols)

Weapon Proficiency (Simple Weapons)

Armour Proficiency (Light)

Precise Shot – Human bonus (Can fire in Melee without penalty)

Weapon Proficiency (Rifles) – Soldier Multiclass

Weapon Focus (Rifles) – (Char lvl 3) (+1 attack with Rifles)

Far Shot (Soldier lvl 2) (Treat Range as 1 step closer, no penalty at Short -2 at medium -5 at long)

Sniper(Soldier lvl 4) Ignore Soft Cover

Riflemaster (Char lvl 6) (Galaxy at War pg 25)


(Scoundrel Misfortune Tree) Dastardly Strike. (When target denied dex bonus, if any attack hits -1 Condition track)

(Soldier Weapon Specialist Tree) Weapon Specialisation: Rifles (+2 to dam with Rifles)

(Soldier Weapon Specialist Tree) Devastating Attack: Rifles (Damage Threshold 5 points lower)

(Soldier Weapon Specialist Tree) Penetrating Attack: Rifles (Damage Reduction of Target Is Armour 5 points lower)

(Assassin Talent Tree) Murderous Arts I (When Attacked Target moves -1 on Condition track add 1d6 Damage)


Blastech DLT-20A Rifle 3D10 Dam ROF S A – $1300 – Extra Power Pack

DX-2 Disruptor Pistol 3D6 Dam ROF -$15000 (Damage Threshold 5 Lower/Disintigrates Target if Killed by it) – Recognition System

DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol 3d8 Dam 2d8 Stun ROF S $3000 – Spring Loaded Tool Kit $250

All Temperature Cloak $100

Utility Belt $500

Unique Cyber Eye – Upgraded, Darkvision, Helmet Package, Ion shielded.

Cammo Poncho +5 to Stealth


Name: Exton Pierce (XTPRC-1000 Clone Designation)

Species: Human (Clone)

Home Planet: Carida (Inperial Stormtrooper Academy)

Age: 5 (25 Years in non clone standard, Original Progenitor 20 at time of cloning)

Height 196 CM/6’5”

Weight 77 Kilos/170 lbs/12 stoneish

Background: Exton Was created as a clone of a “doner” who COMPNOR persuaded aggressively to donate DNA due to doners advanced reflexes and intelligence. Not much more is known about the doner other than that he was likely frozen to preserve DNA or simply destroyed. The reason behind new clones being created was simple. The “Fett” clones were coming to the end of their shelf life as operational soldiers. Mass attrition also played a part as they were effectively “used up” in not only subjugating the Old Republic but also expanding the Empire into the outer rim of the galaxy.

Exton was the 1000th clone of the doner. At the time he had short blonde hair and deep blue eyes, and was enrolled in the “Scout Trooper” programme, and given particular training in the art of marksmanship specifically long range sniping.

Personality & Ideology. The Doner had an extremely strong independent streak necessitating the snatch squad to “persuade” him to donate. This independent streak is known to exist in many of the clones, and is extremely strong in Exton. This is primarily down to the inherant intelligence of the clones, who are prone to “figuring things out” and rebelling against imperial indoctrination. Many of the clones have had this independent streak broken by the indoctrination chambers of the Academy. However some of the commanders claimed that this indoctrination destroyed the very reason the candidate was sought after in the first place, and so in turn shielded many of these particular clones until a more suitable “volunteer” was found to replace them. The shielding of these clones provoked another reaction however. The clones developed an intense loyalty towards the commanders that treated their independence as an asset not a failing. This in turn started to affect their performance in the Corps in a positive way, and where loyalty to the Empire was lacking, it was replaced with loyalty to the commanders, which in most cases equated to the same thing. So specific charismatic commanders who could stomach a strong individualistic member of their unit, were given these clones. Exton was no exception, and was placed in a squad under command of Arand Immer. Exton lives by a code. He is a trained killer and he knows it, but his code boils down to two main things. No innocents and no children. Innocence can be a murky area to define but he defines non innocents as Soldiers & Mercenaries like himself, Corrupt Officials including certain police. Gangsters and enforcers, Criminals, Bounty Hunters, Assassins, Terrorists and Spies. He sees himself as the great equaliser and a necessary evil. His main goal in life is to spread order to the galaxy and protect the innocents from his idea of corruption and evil. However he cannot pursue his lifes goal while poor, and thus he lives in the very underworld he loathes realising that the corrupt nature of the business means that the people who target each other in the underworld are always corrupt, and thus he can make money by killing the people he loathes and it kills two birds with one stone. It funds his campaign and allows him to kill the guilty. He is naturally of course a psychotic and a hypocrite, but also happens to be highly motivated and good at what he does. His blinkers are on when it comes to his “friends” because he has such loyalty towards Arand Immer that he believes they all share the same or similar goals, and that any criminal plan they undertake is merely a stepping stone to wiping out the corruption of the galaxy and must be done. He is however extremely reluctant to break his code if the victims are obviously innocent or children.

Exton Pierce

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