A history of Komsta Prime and their role in the Rebellion

Scattered, and caught unawares; the mercenary army on Komsta Prime found themselves blind and deaf without the assistance of a reliable communication network. While nearly 45,000 soldiers survived the explosion; only about 1,000 out of the original 80,000 survived to get off world.

Without being able to coordinate an evacuation, retreating forces were caught unaware when supposedly held safe routes were actually ambushes laid out by the planetary militia. Some ships left with barely a quarter of their hold full, while others stayed for troops that never came and were caught unaware by the Quickening.

The residents of Komsta Prime found this victory to be a monumental one. Drunk on their first taste of a major military victory against a superior force; Komsta Prime swears their support for the Rebel Alliance and pledges to put forth all their resources into combating the Imperial War machine.

But like the planets before it; the Empire’s hand is forced into doing the only thing it can since the original mercenary invasion failed. Within a fortnight a fleet is sent to Komsta Prime to execute a major planetary bombardment which reduces the surface to ash. Civilians and military forces alike are slaughtered like cattle leaving Komsta Prime as a lifeless husk of a planet.

The message sent out is simple; that all who oppose the Empire shall meet with righteous and swift retribution. The galaxy reels to the news of another bombardment, but they hear a different message that hangs on the edge of their lips as their fists tighten. Maybe its the realization that everyone is linked and that a sleight against one is a sleight against them, or perhaps its just the fear that they may be the next one if they don’t stop the Empire here and now; but support gathers rapidly for the Rebel Alliance.

And while Komsta Prime will fade as a mere footnote in galactic history; the history of their treatment will ripple through debates for years to come. What would have happened had the mercenary army won the day? While it may not have spurned the Rebellion to act as quickly; over three billion people would have continued living, crafting their own adventures and contributions to the galaxy.

But that is a story for another day… and another universe.

A history of Komsta Prime and their role in the Rebellion

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