Clanker Brothers

As far as unique mercenary groups I’ve worked with goes, the clankers definitely take the cake for being ones to remember.

I’ve never figured out what their story is, but from what I understand they all come from different backgrounds. There’s an astromech, a labor droid, a protocol unit, and I think one seeker… In either case, the one common thread between them all was an incident which caused them to break free of the pack and gain something I’d damned well call an independent mind…

Mostly they do work that involves espionage, slicing, and any sort of op on a planet where living folks are likely to be turned to goo (like planets with heavy radiation or a poisonous atmosphere).

I’ve seen what they do to people who think they can walk all over them, or not pay them, because they’re a bunch of scrap metal… Now that said, I can’t imagine what they’re doing with all that money; but they always come back looking for more work… It’s very strange.

At the end of the day; I don’t care if they’re small, tall, human, rodian, or droid… If they can get my contracts done; I’ll use them._

Clanker Brothers

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