Do not go quietly into the night

Hear my message people of the galaxy! We have stood still amongst lies and oppression for far too long! How long will we stand against the Emperor’s unjust laws that burn people out of their homes and support a war machine that has not been needed since the Clone wars?

Have we all forgotten the Emperor’s rise to power? A temporary measure to help safeguard this galaxy from the separatist forces that has yet to be relinquished in over 20 years?!

Know now that you are not alone in your doubts, nor your fears… There are those who bear the strength to push forward in these dark times and to cry out that they will not surrender to tyranny and oppression without a fight. There are those who hear the ‘suppression’ of riots on Komsta Prime, and Ralla V and VI; and how thousands of lives were extinguished for merely wanting a better life for themselves.

Do not choke down your words as you see your neighbor die for something you know to be true and just. Do not back down to the next freedom you are demanded to surrender. Join us! Join us now with our rally call to hold back the darkness.

Make no mistake… the fight will be hard; but this galaxy needs people to stand up for what is right… Will you answer the call?

Or will you go quietly into that good night?

Do not go quietly into the night

Crimson Steel Ltd JSpiegel