Invasion Plans - Komsta Prime (Omega Squad details)

Planetary Wide Invasion Plan

XO: Field General Hapa Yulatun Flagship: The Eye of the Sun

The “Eye of the Sun” is a well armed cruiser that sits in space above the planet to provide orbital bombardments, leadership, and to act as the primary coordination point until a forward command post is established on planet. Due to the ion storms across the planet; orbital bombardments can only be provided through the use of signal boosters.

The briefing contains details of how several insertion teams have been brought to bear against the planet’s key infrastructure defenses.

• Beta Squad: Securing the Komsta Prime Reactor, the main power generator that supplies the entire world with energy driven from a byproduct of the world’s primary export. Seizing this will severely hamper defensive efforts on the planet’s part.

• Alpha, Gamma, Kappa squads: Rocket jumper ‘Hellion’ squads tasked with disabling key transit points such as highways, airports, hangars, and mass rail systems throughout the capital city.

• Delta, Lambda, Epsilon squads: Tasked with seizing orbital defense cannons; to be sabotaged if they cannot be captured. Ideally captured and used during D-Day.

• Omega squad: Tasked with the seizure of the planet’s communication grid. Doing so should give us the edge in anticipation of the planet’s thick ion storms.

A closer look at your briefing illustrates how your mission will occur in three parts.

Part 1: 4 hours from D-day Use the station as a relay point for monitoring information and more importantly; containing any information regarding alerts throughout the city (i.e.: Should any other squad fail to acquire their objective in a subtle manner). Prior to the invasion, the communication grid will help supply forward command with information regarding the placement of local defenses and monitor their awareness of the situation.

Part 2: D-Day – 0000 All squads need to have accomplished their objectives by now. Invasion fleet will arrive and demand the immediate surrender of the entire planet to the combined holdings of Shattered Sun Incorporated. In the likely event of attempted resistance, communication grids will initially be flooded with falsified information of outstanding losses across the planet from various bases, as well as relaying falsified information regarding troop strength and battle analysis.

Part 3: D-Day + 2 hours Complete communication grid lock out. By this point, most of the planet will realize they cannot trust their own communication grid anyway. Grid is to be turned over exclusively to the use of the invasion fleet for the coordination of their assault on the capital.

Part 4: D-Day + 3 hours – 24 hours Invasion of the capital city will initiate as over 80,000 soldiers will begin mobilizing towards the planet’s government capital. Once the planet is seized, Omega squad will be relieved of their duties by Shattered Sun and evacuated off world.

Contingency: If at any point during the invasion the communication center Omega has captured is threatened, you are advised to detonate the entire station. It is preferable that both sides be deaf and blind than risk the invasion force being the only ones without coordination.

Looking at the overall briefing for the planet wide invasion, you identify that the troop transports will be landing several miles away from the city and will act as a forward command post as well as the withdrawal hub in the unlikely event of a retreat order. If this is compromised; mercenary forces are to withdraw to the mountain stretch along the south eastern part of the continent and await further instructions.

Invasion Plans - Komsta Prime (Omega Squad details)

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