Komsta System

A system with only three worlds rotating around a single dwarf star; Komsta prime was the only world to be able to support life. Once a lush world of forest and green; early settlers during the old republic came to the world and began strip mining it of valuable resources. Their methods led to widespread deforestation which eventually destabilized the entire eco-system resulting in encroaching deserts, lowered water levels, intense global warming, and the development of ion storms across the planet.

Now home to approximately 3 billion individuals, most of whom are humans who have descended from the original colonists; Komsta Prime has most of its population centered around the capital city. While most of the planet is covered in desert, the main continent is home to massive city development.

In order to protect the city from the intense effect of the ion storms; the usage of shields and domes are not uncommon across the planet. The capital city itself is covered by a massive dome skeleton structure using an energy shield to stretch from one strut to another. At its peak the dome is over three kilometers off the ground and is the prototype for what is hoped to be the future of establishing stable environments on the planet.

While troublesome (and at times deadly), the ion storms serve wind farmers with a lucrative and sustainable business of collecting ambient energy from the air and using it as the basis for power packs, energy generators, and batteries across the galaxy. While difficult to navigate, the combined use of thousands of weather stations that remain linked together on the planet’s centralized communication grid mean real time storm tracking to help ships land.

Once every year however, the planet undergoes a month long series of almost hurricane-like ion storms that sweep across Komsta prime; of such great intensity that offworld traffic is stopped as well as all intergalactic communication. While less than desirable for inhabitants wishing to travel; it’s also a major harvest period for farmers across the planet. Traders often come at the end of this annual ‘quickening’ (as the locals have called it) to transport the goods to the core worlds.

Komsta System

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