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Briefings and Plans

A running record of all briefings that you keep on your datapad for easy access.

Planetary invasion plans, Komsta Prime. Operation White Noise notes and details

Battle plans for Omega Squad during the liberation of Colony 8 on Ylesia

A simple colony map of Ylesia

General Publications:

Established and credible bits of holonet trivia that has caught your eye in the past few weeks

A brief analysis of Komsta Prime; as provided by The Universal Wanderer, a Bognor Regis Publication

“Komstar Prime and their role in the formation of the Rebel Alliance; an article by the Galactic Enquirer cc 15 ABY

“Victory against the clones”, an article from INN showcasing a recent court victory against the commercial clone organ producer Orgalux.

Shattered Sun Incorporated; an analysis as provided by The Universal Wanderer, a Bognor Regis Publication

Privateer Pages Articles

A holomagazine dedicated to the continued welfare of soldiers of fortune everywhere.

An article pointing out the necessity to stay alive and to know when to fall back from a bad fight.

A quick blurb about the importance of defensive skills during combat

An excerpt about how attacking something you can’t kill may still make a difference on the field

An article regarding the construction of temporary defensive positions for those long encounters.

Omega Squad Profiles

From the files of J. Cabot’s roster

Arand Immer


Kaz Luckstar

Exton Pierce

Romo Zayuz

Other squads

Name/ Employer: The Tin Can Clankers, self employed.

Galactic Garbage (I.e: Tabloid information)

This is printed garbage; the sort of absolute filth that makes you feel worse just for reading it. Like junk food however, it’s usually entertaining and you occasionally find some minor benefit out of it.

An advertisement you found stuck to the door of your apartment on Nar Shadda boasting “The One and the All”

A burst transmission you saw on a holographic board supporting the Rebel Alliance. You discovered later the speaker was caught and put to death by firing squad

Main Page

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