Operation Evac Eight

CO: Commander Bria Tharen

Primary objective: 85% Liberation of all slaves across all eight colonies

Payment: All privateer forces are welcome to any amount of spice they can get off world with them. All remaining proceeds are to return with Rebellion transports. Note: Omega Squad is to be paid with what is found in the treasure store rooms in Colony 1

Omega Squad Details: Initial infiltration by Theta Commando (Clanker) to neutralize T’landa Til high priests. 15 hours after insertion, Omega squad should reach the planet and deploy on the dark side of the planet. Local storms should allow Omega Squad to land their vessel a few short miles from the colony.

Upon reaching the colony, Omega is to neutralize and secure the grounds. Estimates lead us to believe that under 30 low paid thugs will make up all of the resistance encountered. Once site is secured, Omega is to deploy green smoke signaling the arrival of transport “Freedom’s Hope” to begin evacuation.

Omega is to hold location until all prisoners are successfully extracted. Once done, Yellow squad (Rebel forces) will conclude the planting of explosive charges throughout the colony and detonate it once both Omega and transport is a safe distance away.

Omega is then to proceed to Colony 1, and either help mop up the resistance or receive payment if resistance is neutralized.

Final priority is to ensure that the slaves are successfully extracted. Colony 8 is relatively new so little information is available regarding numbers, but there are 150 beds within the size of dormitory if one could use that as an estimate.

As such; Omega’s success factors are based upon the following: - The safe evacuation of Colony 8. - Destruction of Colony 8 upon full evacuation. - Assistance with whatever needs to be done in order to ensure all colonies are destroyed, and as many slaves are evacuated as possible.

Operation Evac Eight

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