Privateer pages issue 97c

It won’t matter if your rifle can punch a hole in the side of a walker if everyone is going to know where you’re firing from. Moving and shooting is a good way to hide your firing position, but consider using stealth to your advantage.

Slug throwers coupled with sound sponges may seem archaic; but they’re much harder to trace than a blaster bolt and you can make that work for you.

You must be trained in ‘stealth’ to make a snipe attack.

After making an attack, a player may spend his move action (if he still has it) to hide his firing position from the enemy. If the stealth check beats the target’s perception check the following round; the player is considered hidden from view.

Note however that based upon the weapon used, severe penalties/ bonuses may be put into place during the skill check. For instance, a heavy repeater will be extremely difficult to conceal yourself after using; whereas a throwing knife would be much easier.

Privateer pages issue 97c

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