Shattered Sun Incorporated

Currently the largest provider of privatized military contract services in the Ytoub system; Shattered Sun has seen a wide variety of work from small scale land wars to all out planetary invasions with a checkered history dating as far back as the clone wars.

These days the company doesn’t seem to deploy for anything less than a full continental invasion; but when it does; Shattered Sun tends to pull out all the stops. While their soldiers may be little more than ex-police officers and weekend warriors, they find their strength through numbers and grand displays of force.

While Shattered Sun has never received accolades for ‘clean and quick operations’, it’s hard to accuse the organization of being ineffective when they can bring thousands of hired soldiers to bear in under 48 hours. The last seven major victories to the company’s credit all happened without a single shot having to be fired as their enemies were simply forced to surrender when they faced the prospect of thousands of additional enemy troops.

The organization has often been accused of being less of a military force, and more for a faceless corporation that happens to guarantee a victor to whomever can afford its often seven to eight figure bill rates; but that hasn’t concerned the organization for years.

Standing at a proud 40,000 strong crew of mercenary soldiers and an optional 200,000 strong battle droid army with supporting land, sea, and air units; Shattered Sun boasts an incredibly diverse fleet to augment its operations.

Shattered Sun Incorporated

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