Victory against the clones

With a surprising turn of events in the field of commercial cloning laws; Senate member Jace Tremaine has finally shut down the relatively new corporation ‘Orgalux industries’. The news came as a surprise after several months of failed appeals to shut down the organization on the grounds that it was immoral and unsafe, despite the organization passing all galactic health standards.

Jace Tremaine has leveled heavy claims of corruption at the senators who approved this bill which has done little to improve his standings amongst the senate. Many are now claiming that the senator’s days are numbered and that it will only be a short time before he is forced away from his position.

As for Orgalux, CEO Hriktar has decline all comment regarding the situation whose personal assets have been recently reposessed due to the decision by the galactic courts. While Hriktar did have the option of appealing to the courts for a change of decision; the CEO has decided to simply settle and vanish into obscurity.

For INN, this is Allehe signing off.

Victory against the clones

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