Arand Immer

Name: Immer, Arand

Role: Squad Leader

“I haven’t known Arand for too long a time when compared against some of the others on the roster… That said, he’s a good young man. The sort of man who lived for the soldiers he commanded and never left someone on his watch behind. Good squad leaders are hard to find, and especially hard to retain…

Men like Arand live for something more than money; and when all this business can give you is a wad of credits for the six dead men who once served beside you…

Anyhow, I think what impressed me most about him was his first assignment. Milk run stuff that any amateur would’ve handled. To be honest, I was hard pressed finding someone to do the job so when I saw him and his imperial deserters show up; I figured it’d be a good job to get them out of my way on. Then the bastard comes back from a successful op, and instead of giving me any lip or attitude; just asked for the next contract.

Give me one man willing to follow orders, and I’ll take him over a hundred of today’s ruffians calling themselves soldiers of fortune.

I don’t know how long he’ll stay on the roster to be honest. Sooner or later he’s going to find a cause that no amount of money is going to sway… And when that day comes I’m going to have to hope that he and I are on the same side”

Arand Immer

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