Exton Pierce

Name: Exton Pierce

Role: Sniper, Field Recon

“I’ve heard of GAR clones having nick names amongst each other, but how Exton wound up with an actual last name that he wears like it’s something a family might’ve given him is beyond me. Clone’s have a funny habit of being quickly identified as imperial deserters, and as such I don’t usually have a lot of them on my roster for very long… Especially not ones who wear Imperial issue armor like he does.

Still though; credit where credit is due. I’ve got a few soldiers I know that can put a blaster bolt between someone’s eyes at 500 yards, but this guy has made it an art. Imperial training can make a clone a good shooter; but Exton’s gone to the point of being able to stop an entire infantry column by himself.

You ever seen five hundred men too scared to cross an invisible line because one invisible man would shoot whomever crossed it? Because that’s what Exton’s there for”

Exton Pierce

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