Name: Jarael

Role: Squad medic

“It’s seems to almost be an insult to call Jarael ‘a medic’. To be honest, I didn’t like the guy when I first met him and I still think he’s too arrogant for his own good. The difference between him and other gits who think they’re the best in the trade; is that he is the best in the trade.

I think I met him about a three months ago. I had just started my business as a broker when something goes wrong with one of my crews. They pulled a job and everything went fine; but this guy takes a face of shrapnel and a half a dozen blaster rounds. If I had actually been there with the crew and seen him in the state I read about; I would’ve shot the poor bastard to save him the agony.

In any case, they start dragging this poor bastard around looking for a doctor and get told about Jarael knowing his way around a knife. They break into his place and offer him thousands of credits to help their friend. Now they don’t know this, but Jarael is loaded to the eyes with cash so he shrugs his shoulders and says no. They draw weapons on him, threaten to shoot him where he stands, and still the guy is ice cold and doesn’t budge.

Then Jarael’s eyes fall onto the guy and he just goes quiet. Doesn’t talk but starts smiling as he’s never seen a man so badly mangled in his life. He offers take on the job for free just to say that he could.

I got to the site about three hours after they dragged his bloody remains through the clinic and there he is; stable and breathing on the bed. In fact, I think that man is still out playing null-g ball; good as he used to be before the mess.

It never hurts to know a good doctor you can depend on; and Jarael is as good as they get. He’s calm under fire, ain’t a half bad shot, and a gorram walking encyclopedia”


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