Privateer Pages issue 14f

“Lets face it, even the most cautious and perceptive of us sometimes walk into really bad situations. The difference is that some of us can keep their heads on in the thick of a nightmare to tell the story later.

Fighting defensively is a very useful skill that most young (and dead) soldiers forget about. Pay more attention to what’s about to head your way, tense yourself and be ready to react to a situation rather than plugging the first of four guys in front of you with a blaster round. Combat can be hectic, but take a deep breath and pay attention to what’s coming your way and you may find it easier to cope with seemingly insurmountable odds”

Skill: None needed

Take a -5 penalty to all attacks you make on this round, but gain a +2 to your reflex defense until the start of your next turn. If you opt to not attack anyone, you can gain a +5 dodge bonus to reflex defense instead.

Those trained in acrobatics and get a +5 bonus to their defense when they choose to attack while fighting defensively, and +10 if they choose to make no attacks.

Privateer Pages issue 14f

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