Privateer Pages issue 39c

“All too often the concept of cover fire is mistaken for ‘kill the guy while I run over there’. Sure, smoking someone before they nail your squad mate is helpful; but what if they’re packing armor and your heater isn’t going to finish the job in just one shot? How about if you don’t have enough time to line a shot that your gun can do but you can’t?

Enter the realm of suppression fire; wherein your new objective goes from trying to land that killing blow, to trying to overload your target’s senses with a series of shots that will hamper their aim. I can think of many soldiers who are still alive today because their partner understood the importance of hampering an enemy”

Requirement: None (basic combat action)

Usage: Beat a DC 10 on as an attack roll and cause a target in your line of sight (usual weapon rules apply) to suffer a -2 to all attack rolls until your next turn. This can be exceptionally useful if your target is in the range of your weapon but not close enough to make for an easy mark.

Privateer Pages issue 39c

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