Romo Zayuz

Name: Zayuz, Romo

Role: Field Engineer/ Sapper

“Field engineer Zayuz is one of the few Talz I have in my directory. They’re natural gear heads and Romo is one exceptionally bright engineer who stands out from the pack.

I met Romo during the battle of Nar Shadda a couple of years ago. Back then I was still a serving soldier and I had been hired to help the Hutt’s hold their lines against the Imperial fleet that was being sent in. Apparently they had greased the palms of the higher ups to withdraw once they sustained a set number of losses; so the crazy spice head smugglers on the moon were drawing together a plan to fight them.

Romo had found some work as the assistant on a ship that I was assigned to work with on a boarding operation. We boarded an Imperial command ship, stole some information off its databanks, and started flying away when the ship took a few bad ion rounds. So there we are, six of us flailing through dead space being pulled towards Nar Shadda’s gravity and the idiot of an engineer loses it; unable to do a thing. He’s swearing it’s all over and we should start drawing straws over who is going to hop into an escape pod, and who is going to have to jump out of the ship with a vac suit on.

Then Romo comes out wondering what the hell is going on and simply… well, he just fixed it. No fuss, no grumbling. He didn’t even act like it was a problem and was wondering why we were in hysterics.

Needless to say, he’s been on my roster ever since… As for the idiot; well, after Romo got us squared away we put him in a vac suit and shoved him out an airlock. Personally, I haven’t looked back since”

Romo Zayuz

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